Thursday, October 18, 2007


Again and again I have hurt you

And dug deep into your wounds,

My own wounds still unhealed,

I have wanted you to just go...

For once I know

Who I want and that is

None but you.

Never will I hurt you

Or open old wounds

As I have thus far done.

Like a flower

I'll keep you love

Forever, with tender care.

Hopes and memories

A cigarette is lit
Up in smoke it goes
It is lit again

Raindrops fall
And go into the ground
They fall again

We meet to love
To love and part
And go our separate paths

Raindrops will fall
Cigarettes will be lit
Will we ever meet again
To stay
And not to split?

In the silence of
My room, thoughts
Rush into my mind,
Flooding images
Of days long gone.

Alone, I relive
Moments known to
Her, to me
And the four walls
Silently looking on.

They understand
And ask
No questions,
Just comfort me;
I feel strong.

Time flies things
Change; my room
Is still the same,
It shelters me,
I hear her song.

In the silence of...