Friday, September 25, 2009

A Wound Too Deep

There is nothing left of me my friend
But a battered and shattered heart that bleeds
Many a wound it had borne with strength
But this last one was just too deep

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come To Me

Come drop into my arms,
Shedding all your fears,
Cry much as you want,
I'll wipe away the tears,
Drink them off your cheek,
Eye and trembling lip,
Hold you as you slip
Into deep, blissful sleep.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looking And Being

Many you will find in each nook
Who look better than they are;
Who are better than they look
Spot you will only few and afar

Monday, September 21, 2009

Let Me In

You don't want me to ever go
Yet you haven't ever let me in
For years I've stood at your door
This is punishment for which sin?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Man Small Man

A small man makes look big,
The small things he loudly does;
A big man makes look small,
The big things he quietly achieves.

Woman Called Is She

I sit wondering in the sun
Who created this puzzling one
With infinite poise charm and grace
And many strange and wondrous ways

Woman called is she...

Pleasure she brings in her fold
Joy that lasts but not long
And gives way to pain and song
To sing to who is now a stone
Unmoved, untouched, silent and cold

Woman called is she...

Dazzling eyes and tender skin
Hide the cruel brain within
Always at work, silently, unseen
Without remorse to wreck and kill
Many a man of strength and will

Woman called is she...

Like a queen she sits and sees
A stallion come a cripple go
Writhing in pain and misery
Pitying the one who waits to go
To the queen of his fantasy

Woman called is she...

With a smile she sees him die
With a shrug she moves away
To charm another fool that way
No regrets, not a sigh
Why care for those die?

Woman called is she...

Petite Damsel

You are that petite damsel
With eyes like deep pools 
Of love,laughter like a musical 
Mountain stream,
Hands like little 
Buttercups and gait like a gentle, 
Majestic tigress 
Who draws me, pulls me
Ever so gently, ever so surely 
To the milky tenderness 
Of her proud little breasts


The cloth that rests

On your tender self

Rings bells of bliss

And happiness

So full of life

Frolic and fun

Ain't you divine,

My angelic one?

My Lamp

For long I lay buried
An average man;
Born into the world
To leave my mark,
I died young
After a brief flicker.
Living among masses
Of anonymous existence,
Life was a mundane chore;
You came along
And lit my lamp,
And I did flicker again.
The glow of hope awakes me,
To know myself anew;
With you my love
I'll move the world,
Will you light 
My lamp all through?

Going Over

There is nothing more to write
I have written all I could.
My mind refuses to think,
What is there left to brood?
A strange feeling envelops me
I'm so empty and yet so full.
Heavy eyes and tired brain
Repel even trivial matters,
I want to sleep but it doesn't come
I move through time in a daze.
I hate to work, I hate to talk
Questions I loathe to answer,
The answers are so many
And yet there's nothing to say.
Friends, peers and others
Ask me what is wrong,
I lie to say I am well
When I know, as you do too,
Without you, I am going over...


Alone for months
Thinking of you,
With only a phone
To caress and soothe
With the voice
Of distant love.
Stubborn distance
Why don't you yield
And let us be
To stroke and feel
The silence

Of close embrace?

No More

You look beautiful
No more.
Where has gone
The face I love?
Those large, innocent eyes
Now scare me
With their consummate skill
Of glowing with love
To many a man
All at once.
Deep in them
The calculator whizzes;
A smile is beamed,
The voices softens
And many fall...
I look at you
Your eyes avert
They know I know.
Your lips look swollen,
Your teeth distorted
The smile a fake
As is the voice.
One fool
Will fall no more...

Destiny Shrugged

My destiny from God I snatched
And gave it to my love;
She walked away with a shrug:
Who needed it anyway?
God and destiny laugh at me
As I stand forlorn without a path,
I've begun to dig onto the earth,
No further I can go.

Black Hole

The light of long dead stars
Crowds into my heart,
My dim flame it snuffs out
A black hole I too have become.

Heaps Of Ash

From the heap
Of my ashes
A tiny flame rises
Even as embers have died.
Don't nurse this flame
And fan it not,
For the fire shall consume
And leave behind
Two hopelessly pulverised
Heaps of ash,
On charred ground.

Is This Love?

I bathe
In the warmth
That washes me
And drift
In the ache
Lingering in my heart.
If this be love
Let it flow
Till I'm drowned
And lost.

Words Unspoken

So many words
Remain unspoken.
So much to say
But there's a wall,
Pierced only by eyes
That see, lower
And look away,
By lips that do not move
And throat
That hasn't a voice.
And many words
Remain unspoken....

Echoes In Memory

Echoes in memory are all I carry
And a little voice which tells me,
What is not today shall be tomorrow;
What today is not tomorrow shall be

Memories and a Prayer

On this day
Of joyous celebrations,
Of the chimes of time,
Memories of tears
And happiness,
And the excitement
Of hopes and expectations.

I remember
Your singing voice,
Soothing words,
Love, care
And ministration,
Your peaks, moans
And reciprocation

And I pray
For fulfilling joy,
Auspicious chimes,
For song, bliss
And caring sharing,
For kids, chaos
And happy rearing!

Booms of Silence

The din of silence
Crashes into my 

Ears, shadows of despair
Crowd into my 

Heart; hands paralysed
By the weight of 

Distance, voice drowned
By the rattle of 

Quiet, I remain
Praying and pleading
To a stone
At rest, pelting 

Booms of silence...


Two birds of joy
Perch on my tree of sorrow,
Of a golden tomorrow.

Solitary Crow

I see the solitary crow
And take him as my lot,
For you've chosen to read me
As something I am not.

Get and Give

Till you keep looking
For what you can
Get from me,
Rather than 

What you can
Give to us,
We will remain 

By the ocean
Of mistrust and 

By the winds of
Destructive thought.

Stillborn Love

When I'm with you,
My love finds
A melancholic expression.

Suppressed, I wear 
A tormented look.
Voices I hear
Calling me away;
Having found you
I know I have not.
A stillborn love
I cradle;
Oh! how do 

I sing and dance?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Blond

He wanted to love her in her vein,
But all his efforts were wasted in vain,
Forgetting their bond,
He went for the blond,
And now that 'miss' is giving him pain

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wealth and Compassion

The less you have the more you share,
The more you have the less you care.