Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hands smeared with colour

I stood long at your doorstep

To colour your countenance

With a bit of myself

At last you appeared in the doorway

Wearing a worried look

Many unknown hands reached you

Before I could raise mine

A purple face you raised

To look at me through untouched eyes

I found your cheek and neck

And brushed your tender bosom.

A warmth spread through my being

And flowed through outstretched hands

My colour on your face and body

Said more than I ever had.

Destiny reclaimed


I had accepted

My fate

As others wished

The world

Loomed menacingly

And drowned

My little voice

I writhed

And cried silently

But could not

Take my step

The coward

In spineless armour


As my real self

Lashing out

I hit the world

Which shrank

With a hurt look.

My destiny

From them I snatched

And changed it

As I had wished

The world

Hovers all around

With an envious

Regretful glance

I stand atop

With a wry smile


What can you do now?